Welcome to Road Ecology Research Society of Japan (R.E.R.S.J)

Road Ecology Research Society of Japan (R.E.R.S.J)

Purpose of Establishment of Road Ecology ResearchSociety of Japan (R.E.R.S.J)

Today, social interest in conservation of the natural environment,such as conservation of biodiversity and coexistence with living creatures, is remarkably expanding and increasing. "Road Ecology Study" which elucidating the relationship between roads (traffic infrastructure in a broad sense) and wildlife has developed for the purpose to harmonize the natural environment and to network for road infrastructure to build a sustainable social system since "Road Ecology" written by R.T.T. Forman and colleagues in 2003. On the other hand, in Japan, there are very few places to present
studies of relationship between transportation infrastructure and wildlife, hence information exchange among stakeholders does not proceed enough and the usage in various projects such as roads is limited in the current situation.
We establish "Road Ecology Research Society of Japan" to contribute the biodiversity conservation and qualitative
improvement of social environment in development, management and operation of transport infrastructure, through
information exchange, sharing and dissemination of information on academic research and technology development of roads, natural environment and wildlife. We build the network among researchers and practitioners,
administrative agencies, NPOs etc, across Japan related to roads (traffic infrastructure), natural environment and wildlife regardless natural and social science, and provide research presentation and information exchange opportunities, cooperate with overseas organizations and aim to contribute to the development of ecological infrastructure design rooted in the Japanese climate by diverse entities.

Representative Director
Akira Kameyama
December 2015

About Road Ecology Research Society of Japan (R.E.R.S.J)

The society aims to study the relationship among roads, green and nature, and wildlife, and to contribute conservation of natural environment and securing of biodiversity, as well as qualitative improvement of the social environment through the academic research on conservation of the natural environment, information gathering and provision of technology, information exchange, dissemination and awareness raising with developing, managing and operating transport infrastructure.

1. Research activities associated to environment preservation
2. Dissemination and Knowledge Exchange Activities
3. Support, communication and suggest managements and activities to organizations which conduct activities listed in above.
4. Recommendations and advices to transportation infrastructure operators

1. Hold research meetings related nature environment conservation on roads (traffic infrastructure).
2. Publish research journals, newsletters, and etc.
3. Information collection and provision for technology of environmental conservation
4. Exchange information with domestic and foreign
5.Dissemination and enlightenment

Representative : Akira Kameyama
Deputy representative : Hisashi Yanagawa
Representative secretary : Sho Sato
Representative secretary (Accountant) : Yoichi Sonoda
Secretary : Shuichi Miyashita, Moto Murayama, Koichi Morisaki,Hitoho Yatake, Kazuo Yamada
Auditor : Nobu Kusano

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About Road Ecology

Create transportation infrastructure for people and living things with road ecology

Road Greening

Planting by local species and greening artificial slopes.

Intrusion prevention of road signs, box culvert, over bridge, bridges for arboreal mammals and gutter for small animals to crawl out.

Roadkill Prevention

Intrusion prevention of road signs, box culvert, over bridge, bridges for arboreal mammals and gutter for small animals to crawl out.

Development of Biotope

Adjustment pond of environmental conservation type

Wetland Conservation and Mitigation

Join Us

We look for people to join us who agree the objects of the society and promote activities together. We welcome you to join the society. There are three types of membership available.

  1.  Individual membership : An annual fee of 3,000 yen
  2. Student membership : An annual fee of 1,000 yen
  3. Group membership : An annual fee of 10,000 yen per one unit or more

Membership Application (Membership Registration)
To apply for membership in RERSJ, please send an email to below with you or your group's name, membership type and contact address.
Road Ecology Research Society of Japan (R.E.R.S.J)
E-mail: roadecology.researchsociety@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/roadecology.researchsociety

Transfer Membership Fee
Bank pursuant to the following instructions:
Bank Name : Japan Post Bank
Name: Douro-Seitai-Keikyu-Kai
Brunch bane: 018
Deposit item: ordinary deposit
Account number: 7865354

Contact Us

If you have a question about Road Ecology Research Society of Japan (R.E.R.S.J), please contact us at roadecology.researchsociety@gmail.com or use the contact form below.